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Choose a trusted and experienced provider with many years of experience in providing in-home and community-based services.

Edomight Care Services, LLC provides a comprehensive range of in-home and community-based services to keep families together in their homes and communities. Through our services, we provide our clients with choices and empower them to utilize care options that match their preferences and needs. Our staff will work closely with you and your family to understand your care requirements, deliver the services that you need, and to exceed your expectations in all aspects of your care.

When you want to age, recover, or heal at home – Edomight Care Services, LLC is here to make your choice a reality.

Services Offered
We serve clients aged 21 years old and above. We accept all individuals without regard to race, color, sex, religious or affiliation, sexual orientation, and disability or veteran status.

Our services include:

  1. Adult Residential 6400 Service
    • Edomight home facility offers a residential home services for all individualized Residential Services. And we assists individuals in acquiring, retaining, and improving the communication, socialization, self-direction, self-help, and adaptive skills necessary to reside in the community
    • Edomight Care Services home facility is also state approved and we provides services that ensure individual health and safety which is one of our most important values because we understand the need for our Individuals to be and feel safe at home and in their neighborhood.
    • Our service also includes the assistance in performing activities of daily living (i.e., communication, survival skills, cooking, housework, shopping, money management, time management, and use of transportation). The intent of this service, however, is to reduce the need for direct personal assistance by improving the individual’s capacity to perform these tasks independently.
    • Our services length of stay can be Both Long term and short term stays
  2. Home and Community Habilitation Service
    • Edomight home and community services strive to improve the quality of life of the individuals through care, comfort and compassion.
    • We achieve this by empowering our individuals and involving them in a variety of activities like creating new opportunities for new experiences and interests develop friendship and the ability to make contribution to community.
    • Edomight home and community services also help individuals choose the activities/resources they want to access and participate in and help the individuals to schedule the days they want to go out to the community.
    • We also provide transportation for their visit and help the individuals visit the place of their choice, meet people, make friends and enjoy themselves.
  3. Homemaker/Chore Service
    • Edomight Care Services offer assistance to individuals living at home with household chores, cooking, daily living, social and much more.
    • We also assist our individuals with developing and maintaining skills that increase their independence and reduce the need for paid supports.
  4. Companion Service
    • Edomight care services Staff provides companionship to all individuals especially for those who are homebound.
    • Edomight care services employs are qualified, skillful, dependable and compassionate caregivers that assist our individuals in maintaining their independence and dignity in the comfort of their homes.
  5. Respite Care-Home Based Service
    • Edomight Respites Care-home based services strive to improve the quality of individual lives, while helping them to gain greater independence and lead full, meaningful lives.
    • This service includes activities to improve the individual’s capacity to perform activities of daily living (i.e., bathing, dressing, eating, mobility, and using the toilet)
    • Edomight Respites Care-home based services also help individuals in choosing the activities/resources they want to access and participate in and help the individuals to schedule days they want to go to the community.
  6. Behavioral support Service
    • Edomight Care Service offer individual behavioral support, FBA and plan development services.
    • Licensed Behavior Specialist Clinician Services focused on a holistic approach to supports.
    • Therapist Outpatient Therapeutic Services.
    • Trauma Focused-Cognitive Therapy Services
    • Music and Art Therapy Services are also available
  7. Systematic Skill Building
    • Edomight Care Services assist individuals to acquire skills that promote independence and integration into the community,
    • Services are also based on individually tailored plans developed by people with expertise in behavioral supports and independent living skills development.
  8. Nursing Services Both RN and LPN
    • Edomight Care Services provides registered Nursing services and License Practical Nursing services to individuals and these services are based on the prescription by a Physician for a specific individual programs
    • Edomight Care Services Registered Nurse and License Practical Nurse assist with prescribed treatments and administration of the individual medications
  9. Non-Emergency Transportation Service
    • Edomight Care Services Provide Transportation for individuals enabling them to visit their loved ones and place of their choice, meet people, make friends and enjoy themselves
    • We also provide Transportation for individuals enabling them accessible to services and activities in accordance with their ISPs.

We’ll Help You Understand Your Options
Not sure which service best suits your needs? We encourage you to Schedule an Assessment so that we can discuss your situation and needs. Through an assessment, we can better understand your care requirements and offer advice on what we think your best option will be. Our assessment is free and will always put your needs at the forefront.

Here to Help
Our team can be reached 267-971-2456 and is available to speak with you from Monday to Friday at 9 AM – 5 PM. We are also available on Saturdays (by appointment only).